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10-Mar-2020 CloneBD Professional Crack is the best software for copying or backing up unprotected Blu-ray discs to any other disc or hard drive with just a few clicks. Download CloneBD Crack Plus Serial Key Free Download Latest version is here.This report introduces patients' preferences for end-of-life (EOL) care, based on a literature review and interviews with U.S. patients. It then presents results from a study, using a novel methodology, to predict how people's preferences for care at the EOL might affect their decisions about when and how to undergo life-prolonging care. In this study, which was designed to inform a broad panel of policy and programmatic stakeholders, participants were asked to imagine that they or a close family member had a condition with a very short life expectancy (eg, malignant disease). They completed a questionnaire that asked about their attitudes toward EOL care (eg, "Should my doctor recommend that I undergo palliative care?"), the number and type of treatments they would want (including life-prolonging care), and how much control they would want in making treatment decisions. The study also assessed the extent to which respondents' EOL treatment preferences reflected their preferences for medical care in general, and their preferences for life-prolonging care in particular. In an earlier version of this report, we did not present all the background and methodology information for this report. The updated version of this report includes the following changes: A discussion of this study's limitations and other methodological issues A detailed report on the methodological background and major findings of this study, including information on the sample, survey design, validity and reliability of measures, and the interpretation and use of results A discussion of studies on how people's preferences for medical care at the EOL affect their decisions about whether and when to undergo life-prolonging care A discussion of future research directions, including studies using other theoretical models and methods to explore these issues This research was supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (grant no. 76308), the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (grant no. OPP1160223), and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (grant no. OPP1160437). The authors wish to thank the participants in this study, the National Institutes of Health for funding to create the Project Focused Approach to Transforming End-of-Life Care ( ac619d1d87

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